Friday, September 10, 2010

Joe Manganiello Interview

Most actors prefer to play complex characters, but relatively few are given the opportunity to play a character that embodies two different species. Actor Joe Manganiello (pronounced MAN-ga with a hard g nel-lo) has given a lot of thought to playing construction worker/werewolf/potential Sookie Stackhouse suitor on the third season of the Emmy-nominated HBO series TRUE BLOOD, created and produced by Alan Ball from the Southern vampire books by Charlaine Harris. “I think it makes things a little bit more complex, and I think with the fact it is a shapeshifter and the fact that they only shift into one animal, there are a lot of those traits that at any point in time are present. I think there’s kind of a sliding rule between human and wolf. At any point in time, they can exhibit qualities of both.”

That said, on the TRUE BLOOD series, Manganiello shares the role of Alcide with a real live wolf who plays the character when he’s in animal form. “His name’s Thunder – he’s a big gold timber wolf,” Manganiello says of his canine counterpart. “They let me meet him and put my hand out and he licked my hand and then he started staring at me with his yellow eyes.”

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