Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Hisssssssssssssssss! TV's top villains The seven biggest baddies the small screen has to offer: True Blood's Russell Edgington

  • Prime-time good guys save the day, but a memorable villain makes it impossible to look away from the on-screen action.
    Good thing there’s no shortage of bad guys ready to commit creative acts of cruelty. Well, at least there won’t be until Sunday night. That’s when “True Blood” ends its latest round of jaw-dropping vampire violence in a highly-anticipated and no doubt bloody season finale.
    Still, whether on the air, on hiatus or long gone, TV’s assortment of vilest villains won’t be forgotten.

    When viewers last left Russell Edgington, otherwise known as the blood-sucking King of Mississippi, he appeared destined to die (again), but in the days before his moment in the sunlight, Russell brought a level vengeance-fueled iniquity rarely seen in a made-for-TV bad guy.
    The small screen may be filled with all manner of killers, but Russell stands out even among his vampire kin. Before a recent bout of rage propelled him into super-villain territory, the 3000-year-old had no interest in playing nice with humans. They are, after all, food as far as he’s concerned.
    But once a fellow vamp killed Russell’s consort of the last several hundred years, the regent turned into the sort of must-see mad monster that carries the remains of his lost love around in a crystal compote and rips open news anchors on live TV.

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    Rita said...

    Well i will take True Blood King Russell
    and then Dexter.