Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Why we’re all suckers for blood, sex and vampires... TV’s steamiest show, ‘True Blood’, is going mainstream

Not since that episode of Ramsay's Kitchen Tantrums filmed in a balti house has there been a show as spicy as it. The latest cult American television series to wash up on our shores, True Blood is a gothic romp featuring a cast of sweaty, over-sexed vampires and more gratuitous nudity than you can shake a crucifix at.
Now, after 18 months under the radar, it looks set to “do a Mad Men” and go virulently mainstream. Trust us, a few months from now you won't be able to escape it. Just last week, the series, which chronicles a forbidden love affair between a psychic waitress and a husky vampire named Bill, received the ultimate endorsement: a front cover on Rolling Stone.

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