Wednesday, September 29, 2010

James Frain Exclusive Interview TRON: LEGACY

Was it particularly difficult to do some of your scenes on this past season of True Blood, especially when your character, Franklin, was terrorizing Tara (Rutina Wesley)? Is it hard to get to that place?
FRAIN: No, it’s not because, if it’s going well, meaning that the writing is good, the directing is good and the other actor is present with you, then it’s always fun. It’s make-believe. It becomes difficult when there’s something not working in the equation. What’s remarkable is when you watch stuff back afterwards and you go, “Oh, my god, that’s terrifying! I remember when we were doing that and it was really good fun.” Especially when it comes to that intense stuff, sometimes it’s even more fun than not because it’s so absurd, over-the-top and extreme. But, Rutina Wesley is just a very open and generous actor, and we just had a blast.

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