Wednesday, September 29, 2010

'Let Me In' director at first was reluctant to remake Swedish vampire film

**Tell me the ( Kevin Bacon ) Degrees of separation game links from " Let me in " to True Blood ? How are they connected and by who ?

That long, pained groan you heard a few months back?
That was fans of the Swedish vampire hit “Let the Right One In” upon learning that Hollywood was remaking the movie about a lonely 12-year-old boy and a vampirous little girl next door.
Matt Reeves can identify. He did end up directing the Americanized version, “Let Me In,” which opens Friday.
But Reeves, the man behind 2008’s monster-tears-up-New-York hit “Cloverfield,” said it took some time before he could justify his participation in the remake. After all, when Tinseltown tries to Americanize a great foreign film, usually a lot is lost in translation.

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