Monday, September 13, 2010

Recap: True Blood, season 3, episode 12 – ‘Evil Is Going On’

The wonderful Becca shares her take on S3Ep 12

Last week on True Blood … Eric: [to Russell] Be brave. We’ll die together.
And we’re back. Did you have fun over the Labour Day weekend? I went to a fair and won a rooster crow counting contest and then ate a funnel cake the size of my head.
Here we go! The Where, Why, Wuh? of the third season of True Blood, along with our hopes, predictions and wildest dreams for season 4. (Yes, that Alcide will finally get lucky.)
• Eric has always been a badass, but this time, it’s personal. As he fries in the sunlight outside Merlotte’s, handcuffed to Russell, he learns that Russell killed Eric’s entire family because he needed goats for his werewolves. In today’s currency, that’s, like, well, a whole lot more goats. To recap: Eric has been exacting revenge for 1,000 years over goats. So that viking crown was just a memento? I’m the same. After I’ve stolen my goats … GODRIC! Finally, the little dude shows up to tell Eric that all is love and forgiveness on the other side, even for goat thieves. Who knows if that’s the last we’ll see of Godric, but he looked pretty pouty when Eric told him that Godric had made him the way he was. From the start? Or from the point that he betrayed Eric by giving himself to the sun?

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