Monday, September 13, 2010

'True Blood' season finale review: 'Evil Is Going On,' and on, and on... Entertainment Weekly

True Blood closed out its season on Sunday night with a series of double- and triple-crosses. The series didn’t so much end with a cliffhanger than it left multiple subplots dangling, as though creator Alan Ball decided he’d just clean up this messy season next season.

Let’s focus first on Sookie’s arc in this hour, because it’s a good example of the way True Blood was both extravagantly dramatic and frustratingly foolish in Season Three. Sookie stomped around angrily throughout much of the finale… whenever she wasn’t sobbing unhappily. Furious at Bill and the Eric left burning in the sun, pre-opening credits, Sookie listened to Bill tell her, “I pretended to betray you… again.” Then she dragged Eric, dazzled by his Godric vision, back into the house before he turned into a flaked ember, and let him feed on her to revive himself.

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Rita said...

I really enjoyed the finale can't wait for next season,the cliffhangers were did Sam shoot Tommy or did he miss,where did
Tara go and will she be back,who won Bill
or Q.A.,will Andy drink some of the V,
Jason and Crystal,how long will Russell
be buried,where did Sookie go and for how
long.Lafayette and Jesus will be fine i
think,is Hoyts' mother is she really going to kill Jessica,and of course
Arlene and Terry,sure all these are what
we have to go on and can't wait till
next season to see where it goes.