Monday, September 20, 2010

'True Blood' Takeaways: Godric (the vampire) as Angel, Salvation through Love

Hang on to your hats !

The most depraved show on television, HBO's vampire/fairy/shapeshifter-filled 'True Blood,' finished its latest season with a plethora of rather Christian-themed images and ideas about salvation, if presented in a somewhat blasphemous fashion.
The first: Salvation through love. Godric, who is also Eric's vampire-maker (sire), and who joyfully went to his death after a long, long life (Godric encountered it as a huge relief), appears at the beginning of this season's finale in angelic fashion. Eric is on the point of death, roasting in the sunlight (literally), and Godric appears to him in a vision, glowing, surrounded by a circle of light, preaching that death brings eternal peace and forgiveness of all sins, and that beyond death is complete love. Even more, Godric tries to convey that revenge is not the answer and that hatred will only bring unhappiness. Forgiveness and love are the only means to redemption.

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