Monday, September 20, 2010

Vampire books like Twilight may be affecting teens' minds

In some unfamiliar ways, vampire books like 'Twilight' may be altering the teenage mind, scientists have revealed.
"We don't know exactly how literature affects the brain, but we know that it does," Live Science quoted Maria Nikolajeva of Cambridge University as saying.
"Some new findings have identified spots in the brain that respond to literature and art," she said.
Previously, scientists, authors and educators met in Cambridge for a conference organised by Nikolajeva to discuss how young-adult books and movies affect teenagers' minds.
"For young people, everything is so strange, and you cannot really say why you react to things - it's a difficult period to be a human being," said Nikolajeva.

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MsCFaith said...

Well, nobody said that Twilight books are for everybody. :-) And I appreciate that you made this kind of post because it has actually affected some of the minds of children.

The book tells a story about a vampire and a werewolf who fell in-love with a human (mainly). What this instills into young minds is that it makes them idealists and revel in the fantasy of fictional characters. Scientist or not, this has already been proven countless times.

If you can remember when Twilight first came out, the response was just really enormous and unbelievable.