Monday, February 21, 2011

True Blood blog : An Interview with Michael McMillian

by Gianna Sobol
Gianna: Good morning, Michael!
Michael: Good morning, Gianna!
Gianna: Can you talk about your involvement in the newest True Blood comic book?
Michael: You can ask, but I have to warn you that as the co-writer of an official True Blood story, I may have to keep some secrets.
Gianna: Well what goods are you authorized to share?  We'll take what we can get!
Michael: I was just kidding.  Get ready to be "spoilerized."  I'm giving up the goods!
Gianna: Do it.
Michael: I love my fans.  Fire away.
Gianna: How did it come about that you would be writing for the comic series?
Michael: Pluck and constant pestering, really.  I heard they were making a True Blood comic last spring through Alexander Woo, one of True Blood's talented writers.  I immediately started to plot how I would go about scoring myself a story-arc on the book.  I was in the middle of writing LUCID, my series with Archaia and Zachary Quinto's Before the Door Pictures, so I was eager to keep the ball rolling with other comic projects.  Ultimately, I teamed up with my friend Marc Andreyko, a seasoned comics pro, and we pitched ideas to IDW.  I also sent Alan Ball a live panda.  It seems the bribe worked and now Marc and I are writing the comic.

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