Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Charlaine Harris reports she is working hard on Sookie book #12 and deciding the title- what do you think the title should be ??

Please post your suggestion in comments - remember the title must have the word "Dead" in it ...

Some notes on CH's Facebook page ..

I'm writing hard on Sookie 12, and my editor and I are talking about the title. In answer to the many queries, the Sookie series is my only active series now.

"True Blood" is wonderful, and I enjoy wondering what will happen next. A page-by-page adaptation would be boring for everyone. My input into the show consists of having signed a contract with the very best person to bring my world to life on the screen. At the same time, if you don't enjoy the show, it's no personal problem with me. There are people who watch "True Blood" who may never read the books.

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Deana said...

How about "When all's dead and done"??!!!!!!!

tinacherry said...

Book #12 Finally Dead
Book #13 Dead End

tinacherry said...
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