Thursday, July 14, 2011

Why kill off Sookie's faery Godmother NOW?

I think because Claudette and Claude will be introduced and I think Claude will become Sookie's new fairy Godmother ( ala Lloyd who is Barry's )

If you are not a 'bookie' (a reader of the Charlaine Harris Sookie Stackhouse novels upon which HBO's True Blood is based) then it may have only been a surprise not a shock when Claudine (played by Lara Pulver) was murdered by Amnesia!Eric right before Sookie's and our eyes.
Claudine had returned to 'our side' to implore, then demand that Sookie return to 'Faery' with her. When Sookie declined her faery godmother's invitation, then stated firmly that she wished Claudine to take a flying leap...she couldn't have known that Eric was listening and would, with his hypervamp-speed snatch Claudine up and proceed to feed on her--fatally. (Scroll down for more HBO copyright screenshots that I clipped---plus the official promo photo stills from this episode.)
In the book series, which I'll gingerly tred around as best I can (some people may interpret this as SPOILERS so be forewarned), Claudine is one of a trio of faery triplets---2 girls and a guy. We've met Claude in the True Blood  Faery as a rebel fae who helped save Sookie from Queen Mab. In the books there existed a 2nd female triplet who is dead when Sookie's world and the Fae's 'collide.'

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Rita said...

This will make way for claude but it will
also make a way for Sookies great grand-
father at some point in time.