Monday, August 15, 2011

Talk Blood S4 Ep Episode 8 "Spellbound" the Podcast up!

Wow -what a great show ... Thanks to ESQLee our sponsor and my co-hosts the Amazing Andy & Brian from Camp Blood and Meredith Woerner of

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here is the chat log - join us next week !



Rita said...

Loved the talk show to night,loved the show also,i have read all the books and
love both.Sure i wish some things were the same but mostly i just enjoy it all,i
have to agree with you about GQ,i didn't like what they had to say cause the don't
like the show or don't get some one who
really watches the show.As for the reviews
have read some,but don't like them either.
So the only ones that i read now are your
team of the best writers for reviews,they
have a very ideal of what the show is
about.This season is the best so far,
and getting better.