Monday, August 15, 2011

'True Blood' recap: Eric and Sookie get steamy LA Times

Eric and Sookie in the shower.
In Sunday's episode of "True Blood," "Spellbound," written by Alan Ball, one of the most talked about fan favorite moments from Charlaine Harris' Southern Vampire Mysteries made it to the screen -- just as Ball had promised an audience at San Diego's Comic-Con International in July. The cryptic show runner had hinted that his version of the famous love scene between the two characters would possibly be "weirder and dirtier" than what was in the book, in this case, "Dead to the World," the fourth of Harris' Sookie Stackhouse novels. And well, it was weirder, or should we say trippier, given that Eric and Sookie were high on each others' blood and hallucinating?
But first things first. Jason bursts through the door to subdue Jessica before she can be consumed by the sunlight, having been lured out of her usual daytime slumber by the witches' powerful curse. Jessica regains control over herself and, realizing Jason just saved her life, kisses him. He brings her downstairs to Bill, who is still bound in silver. Concerned that the coven might have only temporarily broken the spell, Bill instructs Jason to bind Jessica with silver until nightfall. Trying to distract her from the pain, the perennially clueless Jason tells Jessica to think about good things -- like hot summer days, barbecuing. He means well, anyway.

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