Tuesday, August 30, 2011

True Blood 4x10: Bloodbath at the Tolerance Festival

Sookie breaks a spell, frees Eric and quiets the violence -- but Bill and Antonia have another battle looming

At the Festival of Tolerance, the sight of the vampire security forces massacred by necromancer Antonia's gang of witches and zombie vampires sends the human audience fleeing in panic. Antonia still has control of Eric's mind and she's commanded him to Kill Bill. A straight-up hockey brawl breaks out -- vampires attacking humans, witches killing vampires, Nan stabbing a zombie vamp, Eric attacking Bill. But Sookie weaves her way through the panic and jumps on Eric's back -- girl's got an odd approach to foreplay -- so Bill can pull back and shoot Eric with a silver bullet.If Antonia's necromancy is so tight, how come she can't control Bill and Nan right now? Are they wearing tin-foil wigs?
Eric pulls the silver bullet out like a champ and goes back to rumbling with Bill. Sookie pleads with Eric to fight off Antonia's spell, but he tries to stake Bill instead. Eric is our favorite for a reason. Sookie, sensing her ménage à trois will never happen unless she takes charge, fairy-bombs Eric before he can shank Bill through the heart. When the impact releases Eric from Antonia's spell, he regains his free will along with all of his memories, including sexy time with Sookie. Pay attention to that little flashback, because that's all the naked you get in this episode.
Sookie's fairyhands didn't just free Eric, they broke Antonia's spell and the bloodshed stops. When Antonia sees how many humans were harmed in the massacre, she is aghast. Lady, this was your party. Antonia escapes out of Marnie for a second, then is reabsorbed. Bill and Eric call a truce, and Marnie vanishes with her entourage.

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