Tuesday, August 30, 2011

True Blood lets the leather-jacketed, supernatural war of Louisiana begin! by Meredith Woerner io9.com

This week on True Blood, we got our favorite vampire back, FINALLY. But have Sookie's underbits damaged his brain for good? Possibly, only time will tell! Until then, cue the vampire slo-mo, it's time for the Pro/Con list.
Let's be honest. This episode existed for one reason and one reason only — as a set up for next week's vampire versus witch showdown. Everything else (including one character's death, some werewolf stuff and an important V-juice intervention) was just getting in the way of the death match. Poor Tommy.
Pro: We're still at the Vampire Tolerance Fair. And much like the many sit-ins and marches that came before this fair, the all-important mylar Tolerance balloons are still intact.

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Rita said...

Meredith gosh you have some of the funniest pros and cons some i can agree
with and some i don't.