Monday, January 5, 2009

HBO Is Hiding Little About ‘Big Love’

this article in the NYT this morning is about HBO viral marketing of Big Love but True Blood is mentioned and it's fascinating !

FANS of shows like “24,” “Lost” and “Big Love” are finally being rewarded for their patience with new episodes. But given the long hiatuses between seasons and further delays because of the writers’ strike, some might have trouble remembering what they liked about these shows in the first place.

HBO’s “Big Love,” which last showed a new episode in August 2007, is beginning an aggressive ad campaign to remind its audience just what was happening to the polygamous Henrickson family. “The big challenge, quite frankly, is the fact that it’s been off the air for so long,” said Courteney Monroe, HBO’s executive vice president for consumer marketing.

The theme of the “Big Love” campaign is secrets. HBO, which likes to include splashy elements and stunts in its campaigns, is installing street-level billboards this week that include dozens of audio jacks. People passing by can plug their headphones into each jack to hear a recording of a different secret about people pictured on the billboard.

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