Monday, January 5, 2009

True Blood - Episode 2.02 - Keep This Party Going - Casting Call

25 years old, enthusiastic, he's a red-blooded American male who hates vampires...GUEST STAR / RECURRING (16)

18-23. This pretty, young, flirty and devoutly Christian girl hands out "honesty rings" at the Rising Sun Leadership Conference. Amanda fronts an all-female Christian rock band "that combines Courtney Love's rock and roll aesthetic, Katy Perry's teen sensibility, and Hilary Duff's squeaky-clean sex appeal." She and her band sing a song about abstinence that has all the boys in the audience mesmerized and lusting...1 song,sptv050769 2 lines, 2 scenes / POSSIBLE RECURRING. ACTRESS MUST BE ABLE TO SING

40 - 50, Jessica's grief-stricken and tearful mother, she appears on the news begging for information on Jessica's whereabouts. Mrs. Hamby is an uncertain woman who completely submits to her husband's decisions and can't make a move without consulting him...GUEST STAR / POSSIBLE RECURRING (14)

Late 40s - early 50s, stoic and intimidating...GUEST STAR / POSSIBLE RECURRING (14)

9 years old, she is Jessica's awkward sister...GUEST STAR / POSSIBLE RECURRING (42)

40 years old, flirtatious, and hot for vampires, she suggestively offers to model some clothing for Bill in the dressing room...1 scene (34)

This saleswoman is thrown by Bill's request for "proper" clothing...1 line, 1 scene (35)

This large woman is insulted by Eric's derisive remarks but quickly scurries away when she sees his fangs.sptv050769..1 line, 1 scene (45)

Seen on TV, this female anchor discusses Mrs. Hamby's latest plea...1 speech, 1 scene (14)

Source: SpoilerTV