Monday, January 5, 2009

True Blood Episode Five : 'Sparks fly out' recap from HBO site

I'm posting the episode recaps from the HBO site. I think we should have them in our archive; they are really long so I will also post them in their entirety as a word document to our scribd site. I think they are worth carefully re-examining for clues!

After watching Bill's frightening ordeal with the police officer, Sookie's shaken and irritated when the vampire drops her off at home. The vampires, the fangbangers, Bill's weird music - it's all gotten to be to much for her.
"You cannot be frightened by all the things you don't know in the world,"
Bill tells her, but she's had far too long of a night to embrace adventure.
Bill leaves, promising not to call on her again. The next morning, Sookie shares her dilemma with Gran, who suggests that Sookie enjoy the opportunity to meet someone who's different. Never mind that Gran's been answering hateful phone calls all morning from townspeople who don't want Bill to speak at her Descendents of the Glorious Dead meeting.

Tara, also dealing with vampire complications, bursts into Lafayette's house in a whirlwind, ripping knick-knacks from the shelves and throwing them around. She's furious that he's been selling V, particularly that he's been selling it to Jason. After hearing the news of her emergency-room visit with Jason, Lafayette apologizes and promises to check on their friend. When Jason stops by, though, Lafayette talks him into trying V again - this time the "right way."

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Episode Five ( S1) HBO Recap