Monday, February 2, 2009

Can you hear me now ? : Sookie hears vamp thoughts

** This is a working post - it is not comprehensive and will be added to and changed as we work on this. If you know of another instance of Sookie hearing ( being able to read ) the thoughts of vampires email me or post in comments ! Thanks "D"

In poking around I have found this additional information
"CH was asked about this and gave a very shadowy answer that it may be a mistake she made that is a plot point - or something to that effect.
I believe that it was eventually confirmed that the 2nd time happened "off screen"

I have wondered if it's this from the orgy scene in bk 2 :"Go along with me," he replied, and it was almost as if I was hearing him in my head. Does anyone else have ideas ?

Bk 1
Pg. 157 - Dead Until Dark ( Book1)
"Eric actually seemed to be thinking that over. And suddenly, I was in his thoughts. He was thinking he could make me do what he wanted, anywhere, anytime, just by threatening to Bill or some human I loved. But he wanted to mainstream, to keep as legal as he could, to keep his relations with humans aboveboard, or at least as aboveboard as vampire-human dealings could be. He didn't want to kill anyone if he didn't have to.
It was like suddenly being plunged into a pit of snakes, cold snakes, lethal snakes. It was only a flash, a slice of his mind, sort of but it left me facing a whole new reality."
**Sookie says she's heard Eric twice -what is the second time ?

Bk 2
pg. 286 Living Dead In Dallas (Book 2)

"Bill Compton," the geek said.
"Stan Davis, " Bill said.
"Yeah, welcome to the city." There was a faint trace of foreign accent in the geek's voice. He used to be Stanislaus Davidowitz, I thought, and then wiped my mind clean like a slate. If any of them found out that every now and then I picked a stray thought out of the silence of their minds, I'd be bloodless before I hit the floor."

Bk 7
Pg 214-215 All Together Dead ( Book7)
Sookie read Hendrick's mind during the trial of the Queen.

A shocking suspicion hit me with the force of a Mack truck. Eric had given me enough blood now that I qualified, hemoglobin-wise, as being close to a vampire; and my strange gift had slopped over into fatal territory. I wasn't reading Hendrik's lawyer's mind, I was reading Henrik's." (Henrick was the vampire who was continuing the charges against the Queen in place of the Dead (for good this time) King of Arkansas and Jennifer his second in command).

pg 229-230: All Together Dead ( Book7)
But I knew how Gervaise felt, for sure, just as I'd read Henrik's thoughts.
Was it my knowledge of men and their reactions or my knowledge of vampires, or could I really follow vampire emotions better since I'd had Eric's blood for a third time? Or had my skill, or my talkent, or my curse-whatever I called it--broadened to include vampires since I was close to being one myself? Okay, then, this new affinity for vamps would fade, like my extra strength would fade, in time. I'd had two drinks from Bill, I thought; maybe more. And three from Eric. And every time i'd had their blood, two or three months had seen the waning of the strength and acuity I'd gained from the intake. So that would happen this time, too, right? I shook myself briskly.
Sure, it would.


Ali said...

I stopped myself from reading the blurbs from book 7- it is the last book I have to read and I am procrastinating from starting it... I really don't want the series to end.

I wish I could be of some help... I gave my Dead Until Dark book to a friend. (I can't remember the second time Sookie read Eric's mind, either.)

I love this blog and so far I am on Team Eric!