Monday, February 2, 2009

True Blood Episode Eleven : 'To Love is to Bury ' recap from HBO site

With Jessica's limp corpse strewn beside him, Bill digs a hole while Pam looks on coldly, present only to make sure he doesn't destroy the girl before she can rise as a vampire. Bill laments that he's taken away everything Jessica loves, but Pam sees it more as setting her free from a pathetic human existence. When the grave is finished, Pam kicks the corpse into it and Bill follows, wrapping his arms around Jessica. "I'll tuck you in," Pam says, shoveling dirt onto them to begin Jessica's transformation.

At Sookie's house, Sam talks her down from her brush with the murderer at Merlotte's. As frightened as she is to have been in such close proximity to the killer, it's sharing his mental space that really bothers her. She caught a glimpse of one of his victims - an unfamiliar waitress - but couldn't read her nametag. Sam asks if Sookie wants him to call Bill, but she tells him no.

Tara, after crashing her car into a tree, talks to a police officer named Kenya, who knows Tara but also knows she's intoxicated. After listening to a story about how a naked woman with a pig caused the accident, Kenya settles on arresting Tara for drunk driving.

At Jason's house, he and Amy clean up the gelatinous mess that used to be Eddie. Fighting over whether or not they ever could have trusted Eddie - Amy stands by her emphatic "no" - their argument escalates to name-calling before Jason heads upstairs and destroys all the V they've stockpiled in the refrigerator. "We are done with this s**t," he yells as he leaves for work.

Episode Eleven ( S1) HBO Recap