Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Go ask Dallas : Mysterious weres with Sookie and Luna in Living Dead in Dallas

Thanks so very much for everyone's comments about out little "Deb-uh, girl" mystery.
I think everyone who posted was right ... ( the original post is here )

The two 'creatures" in the front seat are werewolves - Luna does say here :

Page 97 LDID "Why'd Josephus have to send for freakin' werewolves?" Luna muttered into my ea.

One was a male and one was a female and I guess her name was "Deb-uh" ( ha)
Luna it seems is a were-bat.

Pg 93 LDID "This little bat saved your life tonight, for real?" "Yes." I was absolutely sincere about that. "Luna saved my life."

Now as to what animal Debbie Pelt shifts into, well- that is one of the infamous Charlaine Harris ( I really love the little inaccuracies, myself-i think they are charming ) Sookie books mistakes.

In two different books, Charlaine says Debbie Pelt is two different types of were- animal.

Page 36 DD Okay. Debbie Pelt, werefox, had been adopted. I'd learned that the Weres were prone to fertility problems, and I assumed that the Pelts had given up on having their own little Were...

Page 144 DTTW "Oh, I can't," she said bitterly. "I've been abjured. I can't change with Alcide's pack anymore. They have license to kill me, if I do." "What did you shift into, anyway?" "Lynx." That was appropriate.

Charlaine was asked this questions last month in Houston you can hear her own answer here

The answer was "I made a mistake " I hope this helps clear this mystery up a little.

Also from DTTW

"And what does she shift into?" Shape-shifters had a choice, but there was one animal each shifter had an affinity for, her habitual animal. A shape-shifter could call herself a "were-lynx" or a "were-bat," if she was out of hearing range of a werewolf. Werewolves objected very strenuously to any other two-natured creatures who termed themselves "Were."