Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Go Ask Dallas : who are the mysterious weres in the car who bring Sookie back to the Silent Shore hotel in 'Living Dead in Dallas' ?

EA writes:

Dear Dallas-
As I was rereading Living Dead in Dallas, something caught my eye. After Sookie is treated by Dr. Josephus, she and Luna are picked up by two anonymous Werewolves. All we know is that one is male and one is female until the bottom of pg. 182 when the female who is driving asks Sookie if Eric "cross-dates". Luna replies, "You can't date a deader...come on, Deb-uh, girl!" Could that Debbie? As in Alcide's possesivemurderouspsychobitch Debbie?

Hmmm... very good catch EA !

Here is the part from the book - what do you guys think ?

"There's a vampire out front, waiting."
I almost ripped off the blindfold, before I realized that would be a really tacky thing to do. "What does he look like?"
"Very tall, blond. Big head of hair. Friend or foe?"
I had to think about that. "Friend," I said, trying not to sound doubtful.
"Yum, yum," said the driver. "Does he cross-date?"
"I don't know. Want me to ask?"
Luna and the passenger both made gagging sounds."You can't date a deader!" Luna protested. "Come on, Deb—uh, girl!"
"Oh, okay," said the driver. "Some of them aren't so bad. I'm pulling into the curb, little Milkbone."
"That would be you," Luna said in my ear.


Keyse said...

no...because Debbie wasnt a werewolf

Anonymous said...

Yeah i dont think that was debbie...

but while i was reading Club Dead i did however think that Alcide could have possibally been one of the werewolves from the van...

but yeah Debbie isnt a werewolf.. i think she might be a witch because that woman in the beauty salon mentioned that she was into withcraft... so well see :)

Emily said...
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Anonymous said...

Ahh, yes, good point. But there ARE known inconsistencies with Debbie's character. I still think it is odd that Werewolf's name is apparently Debbie. What are the odds of two different Were characters having the same name???
Maybe this will become clearer in the TV series.