Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Sean and Layla the dancing vampire team from Dancers in the Dark and All Together Dead

Wow, Sean and Layla seem to be causing a little stir in the blogosphere...

They only had eyes for each other, and they danced together as if they were gliding through a dream.

Our friends over at Sucker for Vampires blog...posted an article about Sean and Layla in "Dancers" today- now the article is in Portuguese so you'll have to use Google translator here

But in part ,they say "the Dancers in the Dark is my favorite of all!" and we agree !

Here is the English version from B at Sucker for Vampires

As you know, Sean is one of the favorite vampires and I like Layla too, so it was a lovely surprise to read that part. Who haven´t read the short stories yet, I really advise you to, and Dancers in the Dark is one of my favorites! In the book Sean even dances with Sookie and Layla dances with Eric!

And Sean helps Sookie to figure out some stuff. But I won´t say much so I don´t ruin the book for anyone.

Here is how they appear in All Together Dead !

Here to open the evening are two of Rhodes’s finest dancers, courtesy of Blue Moon Productions. Please welcome…Sean and Layla!”
The pair who stepped out into the middle of the dance floor were striking, whether you were human or vamp. They were both of the cold-blooded variety themselves, though he was very old and she was freshly turned, I thought.
She was one of the most beautiful women I’d ever seen, and she was wearing a beige lace dress that drifted around her world-class legs like snow falling around trees. Her partner was maybe the only vampire I’d ever seen with freckles, and his dusty red hair was as long as hers.
They only had eyes for each other, and they danced together as if they were gliding through a dream.
I had never seen anything like it, and from the rapt attention of the audience, no one else had, either. As the music drew to a conclusion—and to this day, I can’t remember what they danced to—Sean flung Layla back over his arm, bent over her, and bit. I was shocked, but the others seemed to expect it, and it turned them on no little amount. Sophie-Anne smoldered up at Andre (though she didn’t have far to smolder, since he wasn’t much taller than she), and Eric looked down at me with that hot light in his eyes that made me wary.”
There is more later...

We have a discussion group starting about this story on the HBO True Blood wiki if you also love this story come on over and let's talk about it ...