Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Sing us a song you're the piano man..

Bill Compton's Living Room: Episode 12

Bill's piano playing is interrupted when vampires Eric and Pam open his front door and walk into his living room with Jessica, the vampire he was forced to make (and who he subsequently gave to Eric because she was a nuisance).

Jessica: Hi, Daddy. (Sits on the couch)
Bill (to Eric): What is this?
Eric: There are favors. And there are... favors.
Pam: She is extremely annoying.
Bill: You can't do this. We had a deal.
Yeah, well now the terms have changed. She's yours. Unless you want to give me Sookie.
(Bill stands and bears fangs)
(Eric also bears fangs and laughs)
Eric: It's just a suggestion. Though, a few nights with this one might change your mind.
Pam: Good luck.
Eric: (In Swedish ) Åh, du ljuva frihet! (oops sorry , it means 'Ah, sweet(lovely) freedom !' in English )
(Eric and Pam leave)
Jessica: So... Who's good to eat around here? (laughs and bares fangs)

Does anyone know the song he plays ?


C said...

So i am too lazy to use translating. I have a feeling you may have done so already? What doe s the swedish mean?

" Dallas " said...

oopps soory it means

'Ah, sweet(lovely) freedom!' in English

Anonymous said...

You know, for having very good hearing as all vampires do, he did not hear them open te door and only noticed when they were in his living room already?

Anonymous said...

I thought he heard them since he looked up as if to smile (probably thinking it was Sookie ready to "celebrate"). Only when he saw Jessica did his look turn to one of surprised terror! LOL

Shannon said...

Whenever he looks at Jessica with that "scared to death father of a teenager" look I just bust out laughing. He looks rather helpless.