Thursday, March 19, 2009

Alleged Vampire Killing in Kentucky

I know this is sad and grisly but our excellent tour guide mentioned vampire crimes in New Orleans and he said he has had FBI agents and other law enforcement people come up to him after the tours and tell him these crimes happen all the time and many go unsolved this caught my attention..

Disturbing new details are emerging in the murder of a teenager who police now say was the victim of a gang of wanna-be vampires.

17-year-old Travis White's body was found earlier this month, near some railroad tracks in Covington.

During a hearing for the five people charged in the case, detectives outlined the brutal and bizarre crime.

They say White was beaten with a wrench, hammer and bat, and then stabbed 29 times.

Police say the killers carved gang symbols into the chest of their victim.

Police say the five people charged in adult court, which include three teenagers and two men in their 20s, all met each other through vampire role-playing games.

Police say three of the men claimed to have been vampires.

Video here


wrenches said...

My god! Horrible! Beaten with wrenches and other tools and then stabs. What's happening with society?