Thursday, March 19, 2009

'Sparks fly out "' the title song for True Blood Season One Episode Five

I recently did a Season 2 Spoiler show for my Blogtalk radio show, where we looked at what we might know about the upcoming episode by examining the title song for that episode.

I can't tell you how many emails I received from folks saying they felt so stupid for not realizing that the True Blood episodes were named for songs. It's OK but I thought it might be a good idea to look back at the song, the artist and the lyrics for each of last season's episode title songs.

So let's look back to Season 1, Ep 5: 'Sparks Fly Out' which originally aired: 10/5/2008

'Spark Fly out' by Paul Burch from the album Fool for Love

Paul Burch (born 1966) is a Washington, D.C.-born musician, songwriter and producer. Burch moved to Nashville in the early '90s where he began singing in the city's '50s-era honky tonks, garnering the attention of Marianne Faithfull and Chet Atkins. Burch's shows and the Lower Broadway scene garnered national attention and a feature in Billboard which led to a record deal.

In 1998, Burch released his first album, Pan-America Flash on the independent Checkered Path label. This album was voted the fifth best country album of the 1990s by Wire to Wire featured Ranger Doug of Riders in the Sky and a city nomination for best band and best independent record.

In 2000, Burch moved to Merge Records where he released two albums, Blue Notes and Last of My Kind, a companion to Tony Earley's New York Times best-seller Jim the Boy.

2003's Fool For Love, was Burch's first record for Bloodshot Records, this was followed up by East to West in 2006. East to West was recorded in London and featured guest appearances with Mark Knopfler, Tim O'Brien, and a duet and video with Ralph Stanley. Burch's songs have appeared on several film and television soundtracks including The Appalachians, The Rookie, and A History of Violence.

Paul Burch official website

This is Paul Burch singing "Life of a Fool" from the same album.

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