Thursday, March 19, 2009

True Blood spoiler hint about Sophie Anne

Question: Dude! What's going on?! Where's all the True Blood scoop!? --Ryan
Chill, bro, I've got just the tease for ya -- and so does the show. Alan Ball and Co. are currently talking to "name" actresses to appear in just one episode this season (and more in future ones). The character? No less than Sophie-Anne, the 500-year-old queen of the Louisiana vampires. My mole tells me that Her Highness is as bright and witty as she is powerful and dangerous. (Isn't that always the way?) Michelle Pfeiffer, call your agent -- yesterday!


Anonymous said...

Isn't Michelle Pfeiffer a little OLD to be Sophie-Anne? She's a teenager in the books.

Anonymous said...

Not only is she a teenager in the books but she is over 1,000 years old in them too!

RFlatstone said...

Let not your hearts be troubled, fellow Sookie-Bookies. Keep in mind that this Asiago guy is a genius at getting scoops, but that doesn’t mean he know thing one about supes. He’s likely not even read one of the books, so he doesn’t know the details. A reporter is a middle-man and if you’ve ever played “telephone” or “post office” you know how a message can be skewed in the translation. He got is information from Ball? For all we know, Ball said, “…something like 500 years old…” because he didn’t remember and he didn’t have a script in front of him. There may have been no discussion about how old the actress is meant to be, so Mr. Cheese picks a pretty leading lady who you wouldn’t expect in a thousand years to take a TV role just to be cute. To us bookies, it’s a gaffe.