Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Dead Until Dark, True Blood tie-in cover comparison

Telma from Portugal writes

Hello Dallas,
How are you? I'm very excited to listen to this week's show.
As promised I send you the Portuguese book cover of Dead Until Dark, that will be in book stores April 9th. As you will see, the cover was changed. The fangs were placed in their "traditional" place, not upfront as in the show. I really don't know why they decided to changed them, but still on the publisher's forum the peoples reaction to it is very positive and they feel it is more "natural" being portrait this way.
Also, the show and the book are named "Sangue Fresco", meaning Fresh Blood, a little different from True Blood. I guess it was just because it sounded better! So, from top to bottom you can read:

Charlaine Harris

Fresh Blood - The Saga
Dead until Dark
Read the book series that is generating one of the biggest HBO television successes in the world.



Mutz said...

The cover for book 1 in Spain is the one of the show, front fangy. The title is "Muerto hasta el anochecer".
As for Book #2, the cover is exactly the same but with blue background (I guess we are going to miss all the original cover work) and oh my god! The title has been translated as "Corazones Muertos"! Once again spanish publishers are digging their own grave by totally messing up with titles. So "Living dead in Dallas" is now "Dead Hearts", that's just great! I wonder what is going to happen if CH does write a book with that title.
Book #3 features fangy cover with pinkish background (can this get any worse?) but the title, "El club de los muertos" is at least bearable.

And that's all for the moment.

" Dallas " said...

Hey Anna

thanks I've posted many foreign language covers there are the two I've posted from Spain

Maybe these are like the ones you've seen ..thanks "D"

Mutz said...

Nope! I had never seen those ones! Hell...maybe they changed the cover for the pocket version? Don't know.

Lara said...

Here in Brazil the cover of book one is the original one, with Sookie and Bill flying. The title is like the one in Portugal "Morto até o Anoitecer", but they didn't change the name of the tv show here...it's still True Blood.
We don't have the other books translated yet, I heard book two and three are coming this year, and book four in 2010. The impacient ones like me import them and read in English. ;)