Tuesday, March 31, 2009

True Blood Season 2 photos: Sookie meets Jessica

Mom, she just followed me home -can we keep her ? ( like finding a little lost puppy)

Bill tries to explain Jessica to Sookie
I'd say this is Episode one - Sookie is just home from the bar

Bill has on his piano playing clothes from episode 12
(from left to right) Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer in HBO's TRUE BLOOD(2009

Same episode but Bill has made Jessica change and is trying to encourage True Blood ..

Anything else ?


Anonymous said...

Looks like Bill gave Jessica some of his clothes to wear, because hers were "unacceptable". Can't have Sookie meetin' Jess dressed like a "party girl". She might get jealous. heh As if that would happen.

Anonymous said...

By Jessica's expression i'd say this is the episode she came into contact with her family...

And is it just me or does Bill always wear the same clothes in every episode?

Moe said...

I agree. I'm guessing this is where Bill explains how Jessica came to be to Sookie. Also think the bottom pic is of Bill trying to get Jessica to taste the different TruBlood types to see which one she can find most palatable (since she seemed to hate it so much when she tried it the first time).

" Dallas " said...

I have a big weakness for the jessica character ...I hope she becomes a successful vampire.