Thursday, April 16, 2009

BOOKMARKS: "Dead and Gone" Review

By Star News Online Contributed by Ben Steelman

My advance of copy of "Dead and Gone," the ninth Sookie Stackhouse novel by Arkansas author Charlaine Harris, just arrived in the mail. The hardcover edition from Ace Books is due to hit stores in May.

Funny: When I interviewed Harris by phone a little while back, she announced that she was cutting back; her daughter was about to be a high school senior, after all, and Mom wanted to be there for her.

Well, you can't tell it from Penguin (Ace's parent company) or from HBO, home of the cable series "TrueBlood," based on the Stackhouse books. The first season of the series (produced by "Six Feet Under" creator Alan Ball) garnered steamy reviews and a shelf of nifty awards including a Golden Globe for actress Anna Paquin, who plays Sookie. Now the second season is scheduled to premiere on June 14.

Penguin is set to cash in on the hoopla. The paperback edition of Harris' previous Sookie novel, "From Dead to Worse," came out this month. The next few months will see a reissuing of the entire Harris vampire series in trade paperback, with new cover art, climaxing with a new, eight-novel boxed edition in October.

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Rose said...

And yet another review. Looks like book 9 will be great!

Anonymous said...

This makes me super happy. There's actually someone in my state who's got it. I'm tempted to take the twenty minute drive to the place and find a way to snag his copy.

Thanks for this!