Thursday, April 16, 2009

Go ask Dallas : True Blood Soundtrack question, where is the Nathan Barr ?

Ea writes...

Hi Dallas,
I am so excited that the True Blood soundtrack has a release date! After reading the track list, I was disappointed that there are no instrumental tracks. I was hoping some of Nathan Barr's scores would be included. I already downloaded "Take Me Home" but I want more!

Has there been any talk of releasing any of the instrumentals like "Hair Clip"?

EA also did a "Go ask Nathan' and received this answer from NB

Subject: Re: Soundtrack

Thanks for the kind words E - my score is being released on it's own CD in August and will include all the below music you asked about - if you'd like I can email you when it is available.

Cheers, Nathan

Well EA, you are right there is no Nathan Barr cuts on the CD but you can already buy 'Take me home'and you can listen to the others for free on Nathan's Myspace.

'Bill's Entrance' , 'Bill and Sookie Come Together' and 'Bill and Sookie's Love theme' ( what you call the 'Hair Clip' song.

Yes as you know you can purchase the Mp3 of 'Take me home' (with Lisbeth Scott ) otherwise known as the Crying Pie Song

** EA also asked NB about 'Sancto Eric' and I'm assuming it will also be included in the August CD !