Thursday, April 16, 2009

Paleyfest coverage from Dallas and @SookieBonTemps: Part 2

I'm using @SookieBonTemps tweets as a narrative for my Paley event photos, videos etc.
I will also add my own comments but Sook did the tweeting and I did video and photographs (because I ended up on the second row) It was so great getting to know @SookieBonTemps in person as we have been online friends since with both started doing our True Blood/ Sookie fan stuff.

We both choose to stay incognito and we are the most unlikely of all teams but I think we did a good job of covering the event together.

*Part One I posted yesterday HERE
* It will be a 4 part series.

(*Dallas comments in parenthesis)


The anticipation is killin' me

Butterflies. The True Blood soundtrack isn't helping
(Did you even wonder what it would sound like if 800 people sang this song all together as loud as they could ?- well, I know and it sounds pretty fantastic!)


Showin' vampire TV show clips. Dark Shadows!

(I think the Paley always plays old television clips before their panel discussions and of course Dark Shadows was the right oneto play before True Blood. The Paley Center's permanent media collection contains more than 140,000 television and radio programs and advertisements, available both in New York and Los Angeles. Find out more here ))


Scenes from Season 1...and a treat comin' up...

OMG! Jessica!


At this point they played the sneak preview clip from Season two

They're comin' on stage!

Alan Ball is talkin'.

This is ad good as the pics are gonna get for now. But don't you worry none...

Skarsgards' talkin'. Just said he auditioned for Bill!

Carrie Preston's up.

Nelsan Ellis is talkin' about gettin' the role of Lafayette. Followed by Rutina Wesley

Sam Trammell is up. Can I take a moment to ask just what is up with Moyer's hair?