Tuesday, June 23, 2009

True Blood Playlist - Episode 2.02 "Keep This Party Going"

Playlist: True Blood - Episode 2.02
1. "Forty Years Down The Road" - Stock music from Black Toast Music (George Strait knockoff) - MaryAnn orders the menu at Merlottes
2. "God Blessed Texas" - Little Texas - Jason shows up Luke at capture the flag
3. "I Can See It" - Stock music from Music Box - Background at Merlottes
4. "Lighten Up" Stock music from Downright Music - Background at Merlottes
5. "Jesus Asked Me Out Today" - Amanda Jane And The God Rockets (Molly Burnett) - leadership retreat performance
6. "Not Coming Down" - Stock music from Messy Music - Bill in department store shopping for Jessica
7. "You're Gonna Miss Me" - Stock music from 5 Alarm Music - Daphne talks with MaryAnn
8. "Wanna Cause Some Trouble" - Stock music from Black Toast Music - Sam and Andy talk at Merlottes, MaryAnn starts to work her magic
9. "One And Only" - Stock music from Black Toast Music - Eric and Bill at Dept. store
10. "One Monkey Don't Stop No Show" - Sonny Terry - Tara & Eggs talk at Merlottes
11. "Keep This Party Going" - The B-52's - patrons get hot & heavy, Sam confronts MaryAnn
11. "Deeper Into You" - Johnny Hazzard - Lafayette pleads with Eric to turn him
12. "You Did" - Chuck Prophet - closing credits

Thanks to TES for always sending these to me