Tuesday, June 23, 2009

True Blood : Five Humble Suggestions That Will Make You A More Ethical Fan

From NPR

by Linda Holmes

It was more than a little unsettling to read the reports last week about Twilight star Robert Pattinson being clipped by a taxi in New York in an incident that at least some reports attributed to a throng of fans that had tracked him to the filming location of his new movie, Remember Me. (The studio denied it was the fans, but frankly, they would.)

Even if it wasn't the fans who caused Pattinson to be running across the street, it certainly could have been. It's a hallmark of modern fandom to share information about filming locations, and that means people show up. In fact, Alan Ball, who's done several shows and currently works on HBO's True Blood, discussed the problem in the same clip we linked to last week in the context of spoilers.

This behavior is, to say the least, gross. And it's not that hard to be an ethical fan. A few humble suggestions follow.

Read on and Alan Ball talks about fan sites HERE


Anonymous said...

How true...Interesting comments from AB and Matthew Weiner.
Comments from someone of note spoken with a fan perspective

I really don't see the point in meeting other celebs unless you can have a decent a conversation with them. I wouldn't want to meet an actor on the set - I'd feel in the way, like I was violating their space or something unless I knew for certain that my visit wasn't a disruption. I know this because it's happened to me too many times to count and it's ******** annoying. I couldn't even imagine a cast from a show that I like turning up on my doorstep for a visit so why would I turn up on theirs? Well, lol, for lots of people that would be some sort of dream but for me it would be a nightmare. I mean, they are still total strangers to me. What could I do? Invite them in and offer them milk and brownies? I mean, come on! :D

But I would only want to meet any other "celebrity" in a natural way, the way we meet other people, I find the whole concept of idolizing someone because they look good on screen, or sing pretty absurd, I prefer to admire people for other qualities, sweetness and/or strength of character, sense of humor, perseverance in the face of adversity and yes, talent in their field, but that talent doesn't make a person a god, just a lucky person that is able to do what he loves to do. end quote

Unfortunately with fame comes things that certain people thrive on but many artist's of any kind attempt to live a normal life when possible.

" Dallas " said...

PLEASE PLEASE sign in to comment or just sign your comments as it's impossible to talk to 'anony' ...

I agree and we are in the minority, we have a celebrity driven culture.

Also the industry that actors work in sells their images/looks /charisma/talent as part of the product they are pushing ( movie/ Tv show) so they do become just part of the product

it's very interesting