Thursday, August 20, 2009

Hoyt lists some of the things Maxine hates and she doesnt like hearing them ..

How many people do you know like Maxine ? Funny too that in the later books Maxine and Hoyt attend Sookie's Methodist church. Maxine in the early books also attends Gethsemane Baptist Church in Bon Temps.

My mama.Who hates Methodists.
(I got my reasons.)

And Catholics.
(Just priests and nuns.)

(Hush, that's a secret.)

People who don't take care of their gardens.

People who park their trucks up on their lawn.

Ladies who wear red shoes.

(It looks cheap.)

Families with lots of kids. And checkered curtains and cats and dogs, and bait, every girl that I ever liked.


Rita said...

Yes i know some,and also have one in
my inlaws it is sad that people can't
get along.Hope one day it will happen.