Thursday, August 20, 2009

True Blood Season 2 to start on New Zealand on September 2

Get your teeth into this
4:00AM Thursday Aug 20, 2009

Those who missed the first season of Anna Paquin's vampire series True Blood better get to the video store and start playing catch-up as the second season premieres in New Zealand next month.

News of Paquin's recent engagement to on screen lover Stephen Moyer has only piqued interest in the popular series, rumoured to be more risque than the already boundary-pushing first efforts.

Freeview viewers who missed the first season on Prime can also join the party as Sky finally relented this week, agreeing to add the free-to-air channel to the digital platform.

A two-hour recap from the first season will screen this Wednesday at 8.30pm before the second season premieres on Wednesday, September 2.