Thursday, August 20, 2009

When HBO's 'True Blood' came to Clinton

from the Times-Picayune.

CLINTON -- Anna Paquin was among the "True Blood" cast and crew who came here to shoot scenes for later insertion into several episodes, the most prominent of which airs Sunday (August 23) at 8 p.m.

Other quotes from her appeared in a Sunday story in the Inkasaurus, but I have leftovers after the jump. Also here and here and here and here. And a pre-Clinton "True Blood" appetizer here.

Topics and paraphrased questions in bold.

Answers in quote marks.

The value of location shooting.

"I probably wasn't the only one to have the fantasy of, 'I'm going to come down there before we start shooting,'" Paquin said. "I'm going to come live here.' And you sort of run out of time in real life.

"It's great to see the type of small community in the right place and get a feel for what that's really like, and actually shoot some of it here, because there are aspects of the South you cannot recapture elsewhere.

"In these kinds of small towns, and the way the houses look, the kind of shops, all that sort of stuff - I think it's important."

The impact of "True Blood's" success on Paquin's personal life. (Interview conducted before it was announced that Paquin and costar Stephen Moyer were engaged.)

"My job, just by the number of hours and the fact that it's usually weird hours, kind of takes you out of your normal social circle anyway, but I've been working my whole life," Paquin said. "It's hard to say if this one made me more careful. It's definitely a more visible show, and it's become very popular and people recognize you a lot from that. With a film, it comes and goes, and then people stop thinking about it. With a TV show, it's in their living room every week."

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