Thursday, September 24, 2009

6 word stories: let's write about Godric

We all love 6 word stories guys post your 6 word stories about Godric in comments !


Airame said...

Godric--ancient vampire--met the sun.

-- said...

Oooh fun! Here are three from me:

Godric's so old, Jesus remembers him.

He found forgiveness after two millennia.

My tears fell as dawn broke.

The Mad Giggler said...

1) Puff...up in smoke, absolute bliss.

2) Pleased to finally meet you Jesus.

3)Brother, father, son, incense.

Rita said...


Kate said...

Godric - He who met the sun.

Heather Day said...

None above him in the New World

2,000 years never looked so good

Heather Day said...

Sorry, I can't count. Should read:

None above him in New World

Rita said...

Sorry i couldn't count either .


no more said...
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