Thursday, September 24, 2009

"True Blood" delivers solid second season

Season 2 review from a student at Texas A&M East Texas

Excessive violence, drug use and sexual themes riddled the second season of True Blood and every second of it was amazing.

The second season came with multiple storylines built around the minor characters. The main story still focused on vampire Bill (Stephen Moyer) and his telepathic girl friend Sookie (Anna Paquin). This was definitely not a bad thing though. I started watching the second season with the hope Sookie and Bill's romance would be the primary focus of the show and was not disappointed.

The series follows the journey of the two oddly coupled lovers as they journey to Dallas to aid in the search for a missing vampire. While the two main protagonists are running around Texas, their hometown of Bon Temps, LA is being ravaged by a priestess to the Greek god of wine and debauchery, Dionysus.

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Rita said...

Well i took it to mean they didn't like Alexander,well they are not the
only ones that watch True Blood. I love his acting.

" Dallas " said...

I'm going to weigh- in with an opinion here ...

I think it's perfectly fine for anyone to have and express their opinion about TB -and no one else ever has to agree.

I will say that I disagree with AS acting -i think some folks mistake being in character and acting - if you have seen Alex in other clips or roles you know that how Alex is portraying Eric, is how they want Eric to be portrayed.

The same applies for the much criticized way AS cried at Godric's death-that is a directing issue not an acting one.

I think folks don't think about the fact that actors act how the director want them to act- I'm sure Alex could have acted and cried 50 different ways in that scene but that how the director wanted the scene to sound and look.

Actors ( aside from some adlibing AB allows NE to do with Laf) do not perform a scene or read the lines the way they want to, they do them the way the writers and directors want them too..

Lady Jane said...

I agree. I am glad we can express our views on any given subject, thanks to the men and women in uniform. I don't agree that this writer doesn't like AS acting I think he did a wonderful job this season and continues to allow Eric to grow with each passing episode.

WendyWatson said...


I agree that the director has great influence on how the scene is played out, but I'd still imagine he (in this case) would ask for heartfelt and this is how Alex interprets heartfelt. The director obviously liked it, otherwise it wouldn't be there, but the choice still seems very unusual to me nonetheless. That isn't to say I think it was a bad choice by any means - it felt very real and very vulnerable, which might be the point our intrepid reviewer here can't stomach.

" Dallas " said...

Yes - like I said many folks didn't like the way that scene was done but the scene is how it is because the director wanted it that way- Alex could have done it 50 different ways and done " heartfelt crying and sobbing " many different ways - as all well trained actors can

WendyWatson said...

Well, not fifty, if Allan Hyde is to believed, who said they filmed that scene in a few minutes, to catch the sunrise. So, not quite fifty. But still, good acting choice, good directorial choice, and presumably, good editing choice.