Thursday, September 24, 2009

Love bites: Stephen Moyer, star of True Blood

From Telegraph UK

Stephen Moyer is the latest British actor to become a sex symbol in America,playing a 173-year-old vampire in True Blood, the year’s most talked-about new drama series.

Those with a taste for quality US drama may already have been feasting on the strange pleasures of True Blood, the new series from the Oscar-winning writer of American Beauty and Six Feet Under, Alan Ball. It has been showing here on the FX channel and is soon to arrive on Channel 4. In the States it is HBO’s most watched show since The Sopranos, and audiences are growing, recently topping five million viewers. For the British actor Stephen Moyer, who plays its romantic hero, Bill Compton, a 173-year-old vampire, the series has turned him into a star and, at 39, a late-blooming sex symbol.

Moyer’s vampire is a tragic hero in the Heathcliff mould. The first time he appears on screen he is ordering a bottle of synthetic blood (O-neg, his favourite flavour) in a Louisiana bar. Dark-haired and deathly pale, he exudes a stillness and controlled intensity. His eyes lock with those of waitress Sookie (Anna Paquin), who informs him that they did have some, but no one ordered it, so it went off. 'You’re our first… vampire,’ she says

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Rita said...

The show is very racy and i love all of it,Stephen is a very talented
actor,he plays the roll very well.
Hope this opens up many more parts
for him,and also hope he and Anna
will be very happy