Tuesday, October 27, 2009

It's CampBlood's "House of Horrors" DIY Halloween Special!

From Brian and Andy at Camp Blood

I'm as pickled as a prom queen in pig's blood to unveil CampBlood.org's latest video series, just in time for Halloween:

CampBlood "House of Horrors"!

We've married our loves of horror, entertaining and home projects into what will undoubtedly be the most insane (and insanely informative!) lifestyle series ever. It's the show that puts the "die!" in DIY!

For the first episode we’ve recruited a few of our ridiculously talented friends to devise some quick and easy Halloween-themed projects to help you get ready for the big day in just a few hours and for under $20 a pop:

* Ladyfingers! Christian shares his recipe for deliciously demented pretzels that look like severed lady’s digits. But first he has to get his nails did!

* Ghoul Makeup 1-2-3! Makeup artist Sacred turns horror hunk Joe Zaso into a walking corpse in under 20 minutes with basic supplies you can get at any drugstore. If you’re looking for a fun, easy look for a ghoul’s night out, you can’t go wrong with this how-to.

* Mummy Trick-or-Treat Bag! Aaron shares this creepily clever crafting project, which turns a plain canvas bag into a wonderfully spooky mummy that's guaranteed to tip candy-bowls in any neighborhood!

PLUS! The first installment of Andy’s Unicorner, a regular feature where Andy shares his picks and tips in comics, games, sci-fi, fantasy, and whatever else he finds in his cage.

You can watch the first episode at the CampBlood.org Blog by clicking here (full link: http://campblood.org/Newblog/?p=1125&preview=true)

We hope that you enjoy, share with your friends/colleagues/readers, and return for future episodes! We'll be back to put the horror in your home all year round.

Best wishes (and Happy Halloween!),

Buzz and the Camp Staff

We're Here, We're Queer, and We're Going to Eat You.

Buy the comic that Andy recommends


Rita said...

You all are so good love the videos
you do,and by the way thank you for
the Eric pumpkin stencil just great.
Love you all keep it up.

Andy said...

Dallas: Thanks for posting that link for buying the comic! I bought the last copy in my local store, so I think it's selling really well! :)

You all should also rent (or buy) the DVD, too. It's really fun but NOT FOR KIDS! (even tho it has kids in it). Oh... did you catch that the movie stars Anna Paquin? YEAH!!

Rita: you're welcome! Enjoy the stencils, and if you can email me a pic of your masterpiece... I'd love to see it @askandy@andyswist.com

Note my costume ideas for this Halloween include Bubba (from the Sookie books) and a neat Biker werewolf idea... could be Alcide Herveaux? :)

Happy Halloween eveybody! XOXO

Rita said...

Andy! my talent is not pumpkins i
plan to stencil him on my front glass
door in glow in the dark paint don't
know how it would show up.And thank
you.The movie is great and you are
right it is not for kids.

" Dallas " said...

we love you too Andy!

love the new video ! Rita please send me photos of your decorations !

Rita said...

Will try i don't do a lot but do put up a few things.As my kids and Grand
kids are not into it any more they
like other things now.