Tuesday, October 27, 2009

What kind of Halloween costumes really attract women?

Men's life come up with a vamp costume for the guys

Q: I've been invited to a Halloween costume party that will be babe central. I don't want to dress up as some lame monster -- I want to look cool. What kind of costumes really attract women?

A: It's always easy to look hot in a costume as long as you have the confidence to own the character you're projecting.

I've worked on films where the actors wore ridiculous outfits but buried themselves so deep into their role, they not only pulled it off, but looked sexy as hell doing it. Confidence is seductive, no matter how you dress it up. If you have a presence and you believe in yourself, it will be hot ... even if you're dressed as an Eskimo.

At the moment, nothing is hotter than the undead. From True Blood to Twilight, vampires are getting women's blood rushing all over the country -- and it can be a very cool look for a guy. It's just the right combination of scary and sexy. Just get a nice tailored pair of black pants -- leather would be especially scandalous. Put on a white button-front shirt of very sheer or luxurious cotton fabrics with collars, worn open and tucked into the pants. Add an interesting, exotic and expensive-looking necklace (from a thrift store) that looks real enough to be 50 Cent-worthy. Slick back your hair to look particularly refined, and add a cape or a long jacket to embellish the look of exotic opulence.

Now that you've gone all Stephen Moyer with your threads, it's time to add a dash of horror with a little makeup and some spooky accoutrements. Pick up a pair of fangs from any costume store. (Just make sure they're the kind that make you look edible to women and not like Jerry Lewis in The Nutty Professor.) Then buy a little fake blood from any costume store and drip it from the corners of your eyes or mouth to let people know you mean business. Put a little eyeliner around your eyes and some dark eye shadow below them, and you'll bore holes through all the beauties in the room. Then make your face pale with some light powder makeup, and you'll be the hottest dead dude at the party.

Congratulations! You're frighteningly irresistible! You won't need a stake to pierce anyone's heart; just make sure to get home before the sun comes up.