Sunday, October 25, 2009

Stephen Moyer: ‘Sharp teeth & sucking blood is sexy, man!’

From Mirror UK

Stephen Moyer was the kind of face you recognised, but couldn’t put a name to. Born in Brentwood, Essex, he started acting in his teens, and for years was a jobbing thesp in the likes of Casualty and even acted in films with Kate Winslet (in Quills) and Al Pacino (in 88 Minutes) – steady work, but nothing to put him on our radar.

Then, in 2008, the 40-year-old was catapulted up the fame ladder into the A-list – and it all happened overnight.

‘One minute I was sitting in London reading a fantastic script for True Blood and two days later I was in Los Angeles and being told I’d got the part,’ he recalls. ‘It was incredible. And yes it has changed my life completely.’

True Blood is based on the Sookie Stackhouse novels by Charlaine Harris and was adapted for TV by Alan Ball, a heavyweight screenwriter well respected for his HBO hit, Six Feet Under.

Set in a world where vampires have ‘come out of the coffin’ and live freely with humans, True Blood is a mix of some of the hottest sex scenes on TV as well as a passionate love story to rival Kathy and Heathcliff. Or even Bella and Edward, if we’re talking vamp/human affairs…

Moyer plays 173-year-old vampire Bill Compton who falls for telepathic waitress Sookie, Anna Paquin. ‘I love playing him,’ says Moyer. ‘Bill is this tortured soul... He’s a pariah in terms of the humans because he’s a vampire. But in the eyes of vampires he’s “mainstreaming” – he’s mixing with humans – and they ostracise him too.’

Sookie, Anna Paquin (who won an Oscar at 11 for her role in The Piano), is a human with a gift. ‘She can read people’s thoughts,’ Stephen explains, ‘but with Bill, she can’t – and that intrigues her.’

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Unknown said...

Quote: "in the eyes of vampires he’s “mainstreaming” – he’s mixing with humans – and they ostracise him too."

What all the vampires are trying to be good? Being good does not means human. Being human one is itself difficult.
Please Bill don't try to be human, be more of vampire like Eric and Pam. It is more sexy and fascinating.