Sunday, October 25, 2009

True Blood Pumkin carving designs with Andy and Brian from Camp Blood !

From our great friend Andy Swist from Camp Blood

Those of you who have suffered through both seasons of our spectacularly inane Blood Work! True Blood video recaps may remember that for Season 1 Andy whipped up a set of awesome True Blood Jack-o-lantern templates.

All you need is a punkin, a knife and one of these handy-dandy printouts and you can have yerself a fabulous Halloween decoration celebrating Lafayette, Bill, Sookie, Fangtasia, Merlotte’s, or the show’s Season 1 promo image. (I’m working on Andy to get an Eric template out of him before October 31st, but he’s a busy little beaver these days!)

You can check out the Bill Compton template after the jump and find the full set of templates over here. Enjoy!
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Rita said...

Since Eric has short hair i would
like an Eric face to do and i am sure
there are others that would enjoy
it to.The other designs are great