Sunday, October 25, 2009

What's True Blood star Alexander Skarsgard's Type?

From People magazine

When it comes to finding love, True Blood's vampire hunk Alexander Skarsgard is looking for a woman with brains – not fangs! – who likes to laugh.

"A sense of humor is number one for sure," Skarsgard told PEOPLE at the Gucci Icon-Temporary Flash Sneaker store opening in New York City. "Being funny and smart is very important."

Known as the sexiest man alive in his native Sweden, the single actor, 33, is turning heads and causing blood pressures to rise with fans everywhere thanks to his brooding True Blood ego and charming good looks. "It's very flattering," he said of the swooning. "I turn a little pink!"

Though Skarsgard, who's been shooting the film Straw Dogs in Shreveport, La., for the past three months, has been linked romantically to costar Kate Bosworth, the sexy vampire has experienced fervent fan encounters that have ranged from sultry to slightly uncomfortable.

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Rita said...

i find him very sexy and hot and
sizzling what can i say.Now as a mom
of a 31 yrs.old he really needs to
be careful,i don't want him to get
like the way he was at 13,want to
keep seeing him act,and have a girl-
friend,he has the best smile that i
have ever seen.

Sharon said...

OMG, that is one hot photo. Hey, Rita, I have a 31 year old son also. Coincidentally, he is a 6'4" blond with reddish blond beard (if he grew one) and blue eyes. We always teased him about looking like a Viking!

Rita said...

Sharon my son is 5'10" has brown hair
and hazel eyes like his dad atilian

Rita said...

I just thought of something maybe
Anna and Stephen could find him some

Sharon said...

I think he looked really cute with Kate Bosworth. I'm pretty sure he can find himself a woman. It's not like they run in the opposite direction. Of course, from the fans I've seen in photos with him, he'll need to keep looking on the sets where he works.