Friday, May 7, 2010

Crimes by Moonlight, edited by Charlaine Harris

Crimes by Moonlight is an anthology featuring members of the Mystery Writers of America. It was edited by Charlaine Harris, and the stories are all a mix of mystery and the supernatural.

Like every anthology, this one has its ups and downs. I’m a bit picky about short stories, so only a few of these tales really worked for me. Unless you’re the kind of reader who wants to own every story from one of these authors, I’d suggest checking it out from the library first before you buy a copy.

A breakdown of the individual stories is below.

  • “Dahlia Underground” by Charlaine Harris
    Dahlia hunts a group of anti-vampire extremists after their successful terrorist attack on a vampire gathering. This takes place shortly after the conclusion of All Together Dead (the seventh Sookie Stackhouse novel), though you don’t have to be familiar with that book to get the story. As a fan of this world, it was great to see some of the aftermath of the vampire summit in Rhodes. But Dahlia is not that easy to connect with and there were some overly convenient turns in the investigation.
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