Friday, May 7, 2010

'Moonlight,' is resurrected and paired with 'Vampire Diaries'e

I'm excited about this ...

Vampires are so hot right now that the CW is even resurrecting one that was already dead. Well, technically undead, but killed off its original network.

"Moonlight," which aired its first and only season on CBS in 2007, will premiere in reruns on the CW on June 3. That'll fill a void, perhaps, with "Vampire Diaries" fans who will run out of new episodes of that original show next week and might never have seen the older series. (Though, demographically, CW fans might be more apt to turn to the new season of HBO's "True Blood," coming back for its third season June 13.)

The CW is pairing "Moonlight" with repeats of "Vampire Diaries" on Thursday nights. The former CBS drama stars Alex O'Loughlin as Mick St. John, a private investigator who happens to be immortal and works to help the living (rather than sucking the life out of them).

Whether it's just the hard-core existing fans who show up, or a whole (younger) set of viewers latch onto "Moonlight," it will be a limited-time fixation. O'Loughlin stars in a CBS pilot, the remake of "Hawaii Five-O," that looks like a lock for the network's fall schedule. So he's booked, Dano.

Having his former show airing this summer, though, could help keep the hunky leading man top of mind before "Hawaii Five-O" launches, and give the CW some synergistic brownie points with its sibling network.

-- T.L. Stanley

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angerdux said...

God, I hope so. Was a great show.