Friday, May 7, 2010

Go Ask Dallas : Why has True Blood in Dallas posted over 500 True Blood fan music videos?

Yep, it's over 500 and I've posted one every single day since I started !

RW writes ...

Hey D
I love them but why do you start every day with a video?

Hey RW
I start every single day with a fan made music video as a way to remind everyone( including myself) that this is about FANS!!

It's just my way to pay a little homage to the amazing fans of the True Blood/ Sookie Stackhouse community.

Thanks to every single fan who shares and contributes to the enjoyment of others fans ! They spend countless hours and in some cases their own money and share their creations freely with others. They make no money or compensation for doing it, they just do it for fun.

This includes the video artists, fellow bloggers, True Blood Twitter characters, Fanfic writers and other medium artists.

Check out all 516 videos here


linda said...

Dallas, thank you for already posting 500+ True Blood fan music videos. I so enjoy them ~ but I especially like the Bill ones.