Sunday, May 16, 2010

Dead in the Family' book review from Tina of Sookieverse blog

My friend, Tina of the Sookieverse Blog will be joining @SookieBonTemps and I tonight on the 'Dead in the Family' Blogtalk Radio show ...

Please read Tina's excellent book review!
Yes, she will be speaking for "the Sheriff", the lovely BillOhBill will join us for a take from the Bill side of the aisle !

DISCLAIMER: I’ve only read DITF through once, and I’m in the middle of a slower paced reread at the moment. The following started out as a review, and ended up being infiltrated with random bits of analysis and god knows what else. I conclude from this that I am too opinionated to write wanky book reviews, and also completely incapable of shutting myself up. So for better or worse, here’s what I’m thinking after my first read.

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The very first thing I need to say about Dead in the Family is that I liked it – alot. It was certainly a change of pace from the last few books, as we were told it would be. It was also a “transitional” book, but in saying that I don’t mean to call it series filler. Harris has finally decided to start addressing some long lingering issues that have become distracting. And she has also started to lay – very subtly – some groundwork for the ending of Sookie’s story. I cannot tell you how relieved I am about that.

Dead in the Family is very much a character driven book. Not since Dead to the World has this series seen an instalment focused so heavily on character development, and at this point in the story a closer examination of the characters was certainly due. By her own admission, Harris is much better at drawing characters than she is at keeping track of her numerous plot lines and after the upheaval of the last two books, I really didn’t mind that this one meandered plot wise a little more than usual.


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Rita said...

I really liked this review of DITF Lisa
definitely did it justus.I like her sepra-
tion of each of the characters in the book
and i have to agree with every thing she had to say,i would have liked to had a little more story about Appius and Alexie
but will go with what we got,The ending i
got just fine a lot of readers can't understand why that Eric left and didn't
stay with Sookie,the way i see it was Eric
was all bloody and high fromthe fairy blood Sookie was also wiped out and Eric
had to do damage control and it was
very close to morning,Pam was still heel
ing they talked before he left it was
aparant that they agreed on what had to
be done she didn't seem to not want the
BB to gone just that she was to tired
to renew it that night.I thought for a
while that Sam would be her HEA but now
he just seems to be her trusted friend.